Welcome! I am Brandon Butler from Lalor Park, New South Wales, Australia. I am planning to study business administration at TAFE in 2022. My interests are in the Australian justice system and fostering a peaceful and harmonious world.

The greatest gift of my life has been the honour of meeting and growing up with the people I have the pleasure of calling my friends. Of all the characteristic variety in people, we are all born with pink hearts and red blood. When life is resting from the chaotic nature of the world, our souls are inherently uniform, lying beyond the skies and spiritually sacred. When we afford each other equal respect and dignity in brotherhood, we have reached the meaning of humanity.

My favourite period in history was the 20s' to the 50s'; a time that gave rise to jazz music and art deco architecture, combined with the rise of civil equality and economic prosperity that kept community at the heart of commerce.

My favourite music is One Out Of Two by Breakbot. My favourite video on the internet is Where the Hell is Matt? 2012 by Matt Harding. I feel that it truly demonstrates the power of music and dance in connecting people, beyond borders and difference.

I appreciate you visiting my website, and I hope that you found my introduction interesting.

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